About Us

This is Mark, the winemaker
Meet Mark, the Winemaker!

Bonitata Boutique Wine is a small boutique winery in Auburn, California, the heart of the Sierra Foothills. Our small, carefully crafted varietals are of the finest quality.

The Winemaker

It all started back in the Christmas of 1999. Mark found a note from Santa under the tree that said his present was outside. In the backyard, tied with ribbons, he found 14 Cabernet Sauvignon vines. Of course that was just the start. The seed (or bare root in this case) was planted. That fall he made his first wine, a Zinfandel. Since then he has taken courses at UC Davis and worked at various wineries in Northern California.

He manages a small 45-year-old Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard in Loomis. Wines from this vineyard have become a favorite. In 2009, the Bonitatas (Mark and his wife, Lori) decided to take their wine commercial. The current location of Bonitata Boutique Wine is in the historic Bernhard wine cellar. Here you can meet the winemaker and tour the historic winery.